A bastion of conceptualization

In relation to the overturning of experience.

7/9/20231 min read

What role does conceptualization play in spiritual growth? Will there be an answer to this question that I can believe? I mean, acutely, what role. It seems to play the part of setting forth a direction, of providing orientation. But I have my doubts, because conceptualization is perpetually overturned. This suggests that conceptualization, if it has an important function in relation to spirit (which it does), is to be forever partially usurped by experience. But quadrants of intellection are more robust, less usurped, it seems, than others. General conceptualizations in metaphysics and mathematics, for instance: are these not more impervious? In other words, isn’t there genuinely truthful thought? Are some conceptualizations—even just one—never overturned by experience?