Divine creation and leaving traces

Some reasons to create lightly.

10/25/20231 min read

There are good reasons to allow one’s artistic acts to trace contours, to allow the acts to be led lightly, to hold loosely.

1) Creation is divine as it is. No need to make the creative act more special than it already is.

2) The material-at-hand (guitar, clay, body, etc.)--whatever is not being created in the current creative act--already bears the divine mark. If I sing freely, hold lightly, then the filament through which I sing can sing its own song, bestowed at its birth.

3) Revelation fills the gaps. That which is left "unattended" during the personal creative act is a space in which the divine pours honey.

4) In learning to create by tracing and leaving traces, one learns to live this way. And this is a beautiful way to live.

The home of all creation is sensual spontaneity. This is why I improvise.