A loose orbit re: Hegel and art

4/26/20231 min read

The resident orbit: Hegel’s claims about art—ancient Greek art, God as the absolute sensuous—and the Christian schism and the absolute and its representation in the dead body of Jesus; the living absolute in community (sort of? Not sure) and art. Art is not as it once was; art has become representational, and it was ending, in Hegel’s view. I am being invited to bring in Tantra and the body as a work of art in the Hegelian sense. How can this be made resonant with Hegel, or is it already?... Improvisation as an expression of the absolute, but of a much more dynamic sort. Strong in its embodiment of community, and so Christian in the Hegelian sense, as opposed to Catholic…. How does this connect to the multiplicity of the understandings of the divine, which is becoming more and more a multiplicity of the divine once again: spirits, guides, angels, forces. Could Hegel support these understandings of the Divine? Afterthought: Hegel and the morphogenetic field.

Hegel: “the history of art is the history of the relationship of form to content”

Tragedy is a matter of forces, not subjects; dialectic is tragedy.